dimanche 19 mai 2013

Entre référentiel propre et boussole personnelle, ce qui me meut

Le blogueur qui écrit ces lignes vient de mettre à jour son profil sur le site physics.stackexchange.com, c'est l'occasion de partager ces informations avec le lecteur :

I teach physics and chemistry in a French highschool. I got a PhD in condensed matter physics (studying elementary excitations in two dimensional electron gas in the quantum Hall regime, thanks to Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies).
Update from 05/19/13 :
Since I was a student, I've been enjoying studying quantum physics, attending in particular Roland Omnes lectures at University of Paris-Sud. I've also been reading about high energy physics research, using as a guide-line the developments of a theoretical model of, say "grand unification" or "quantum gravity", a model usually presented as an alternative to the more(?) popular (super)string theories. I mean the noncommutative spectral model initiated in particular by the mathematician Alain Connes and the physicist Ali Chamseddine (good review, last update). Thus one can know what is my reference frame I guess ;-) and what kind of compass is mine to navigate on the cyber-physics-sphere ...

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