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Faut-il doubler le nombre de particules élémentaires ou dédoubler l'espace-temps pour rendre compte de la phénoménologie à 8 TeV du boson de Higgs ?

Bossons sur le boson (2)

Doubling the number of elementary particles or “doubling space-time” to accommodate Higgs boson phenomenology at 8TeV? 
What is the most natural new physics one can expect at the TeV scale: new (supersymmetric)particles or some new (non-commutative) spacetime structure?
Up to now, nothing else than one Higgs boson has been found at the LHC while many predictions based on effective theories using supersymmetry require that the Higgs boson is not unique and needs an entourage of sparticles close in mass to tame its quantum instabilities.

On the other hand, the spectral version of the standard model by Chamseddine and Connes, expects only one Higgs boson without supersymmetric particle. In this noncommutative approach spacetime appears as the product (in the sense of fibre bundles) of a continuous manifold by a discrete space and it has been proved by Martinetti and Wulkenhaar that under precise conditions, the metric aspect of ”continuum × discrete” spaces reduces to the simple picture of two copies of the manifold.

Could it be that this picture of a two-sheets spacetime helps to overcome the naturalness issue related to the standard model Higgs and has to be taken seriously in order to progress in the understanding of physics beyond the minimal standard model?
It is worth noting that to postdict the correct mass of the Higgs boson detected at LHC8 the last version of the spectral model requires a weak coupling with another scalar. This one is supposed to be much more massive than the Higgs and it is claimed to be responsible for the see-saw mechanism giving the spectrum of neutrino masses. Thus the last hypothesis from the noncommutative model is crudely speaking : existence of Majorana couplings and naturally massive right-handed neutrinos, this seems to fit in the effective field theory expectations coming from neutrino physics phenomenology, doesn't it?
May be noncommutative geometry can help to make effective theories more alive and kicking ! 
In memoriam Ken Wilson
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